Blue Dart Steps into E-Commerce in India

Many courier companies are partnering up with e-Commerce companies to deliver the products ordered by the customers. There is no big surprise that blue dart also following other courier business to tie up with online retailers. E-Commerce companies are in resource crunch and looking for new ways to deliver the products to their customers. If we take Flipkart for example, it has an own unit of courier business eKart which delivers the packages to major cities in India.

Major e-Commerce companies are not unable to deliver the parcels to the customers residing in remote areas. They are left with no choice other than teaming up with the well-established courier services in India. This enables the online retailers to expand their access to every part of India.

Blue Dart Courier Status Online

Blue Dart Express Limited handles both domestic and international couriers. As a logistic company, it provides a complete end to end solutions. It takes care of picking up the courier, packaging, shipment tracking, and delivery. After the delivery of the parcel, it provides a proof to the customer. Customers also can track the status of the consignment and can know when the shipment will be delivered.

It is very easy to check the status of the blue dart courier. There are multiple ways through which the shipment details can be known. The most commonly used are the online and SMS method. Blue dart courier status can be checked online at by entering the tracking number.

Consignment Tracking

The tracking process involves four different steps. Follow the below method to check whether the consignment is delivered or not. (more…)

Blue Dart ShipDart and ImageDart Business Solutions

Blue Dart is a subsidiary of DHL and its a leading courier provider in India. It provides many different services and solutions to its customers. It developed six different e-business tools which serve the purpose of tracking the shipment status. These tools are listed below and can be integrated into clients systems.

  • InternetDart
  • ShopTrack
  • PackTrack
  • MobileDart
  • ShipDart
  • ImageDart

This guide will help you in understanding the two key tools of blue dart courier which are shipDart and imageDart. (more…)