Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. respect our website users privacy and regarding any information, we collect while operating our website. We have outlined this privacy policy to help you understand on how we gather your personally identifiable information. Please read the below privacy policies on how we use your personal information.

  • We collect your personal details like name and email while registering on our website. All this is done with your knowledge by lawful and fair means.
  • We will clearly mention the purpose of gathering your personal details at the time of registering on our website. We do not use for any other purpose apart from the stated ones.
  • We will protect your personal information by taking appropriate security measures against theft. We store all the sensitive data in encrypted format.
  • We also place cookies in your web browser for tracking purposes. By using these cookies we will be able to provide customized web experience to our users. If you do not want our website to place cookies, then you can turn them off in your browser settings.
  • Apart from the user personal details, we also collect technical information about browser, operating system, and your Internet service provider.

If you do not want to comply with our privacy policies, you can browse our website anonymously without registering.

Please note that this privacy policy is subjected to change without any notification. For any concerns regarding the privacy policy or website, you can always contact us.