Blue Dart is a subsidiary of DHL and its a leading courier provider in India. It provides many different services and solutions to its customers. It developed six different e-business tools which serve the purpose of tracking the shipment status. These tools are listed below and can be integrated into clients systems.

  • InternetDart
  • ShopTrack
  • PackTrack
  • MobileDart
  • ShipDart
  • ImageDart

This guide will help you in understanding the two key tools of blue dart courier which are shipDart and imageDart.

bluedart courier shipdart and imagedart


When a customer hands over a package to the courier for delivery, the person doesn’t have any control over the delivery process. Bluedart has come up with solution called shipdart which gives the customers the ability to control the entire process of shipment delivery. Customers have to install the shipdart application into their system in order to control and track the shipment. The shipdart provides the below functionality

  • Ability to monitor the pre and post shipping activities.
  • Control the complete process of package delivery.
  • Customers can pause the shipment and resume it at any time.
  • Complete tracking details will be provided right from the beginning to the delivery of the parcel.

Customers have to download the shipDart software from the blue dart site and install it on their systems in order to do the above activities.


How can we know that our parcel is delivered or not? We need a proof of delivery of our shipment. The ImageDart provides the customers with the delivery proof. However, this is available only for Blue Dart’s apex and surface line services. The image proof contains the consignee’s signature along with any comments made by the consignee. Customers can download the imageDart from the blue dart website after 48 hours of package delivery. The imageDart offers the below abilities to the customers.

  • Customers can get the delivery proof of their consignment as an image.
  • Consignee will share feedback to the blue dart courier service and the this feedback is shared with the customers.
  • As an extra safety blue dart takes the signature of the consignee and provides the same to the courier sender.
  • Customers who send packages to international locations can take advantage of this service.

To conclude the shipDart and imageDart are completely two different business solutions of blue dart. Customers must utilize these services and track the status of their shipment online by using the way bill number printed on the acknowledgement slip.