Blue Dart Express Limited handles both domestic and international couriers. As a logistic company, it provides a complete end to end solutions. It takes care of picking up the courier, packaging, shipment tracking, and delivery. After the delivery of the parcel, it provides a proof to the customer. Customers also can track the status of the consignment and can know when the shipment will be delivered.

It is very easy to check the status of the blue dart courier. There are multiple ways through which the shipment details can be known. The most commonly used are the online and SMS method. Blue dart courier status can be checked online at by entering the tracking number.

Consignment Tracking

The tracking process involves four different steps. Follow the below method to check whether the consignment is delivered or not.

  • A waybill number is generated with each booking of the shipment. The format of the waybill number is 8 to 12 alphanumeric characters. Along with this, another number is produced which is called the reference number. Customers can use either of these numbers to track the shipment status.
  • This waybill number should be entered into the tracking box on the official website.
  • Now you will get the current status of the shipment.
  • You can also see the complete traverse of the parcel.

blue dart courier status online

Business owners book multiple consignments and with each one, a separate waybill is generated. To track all packages at once, enter the waybill numbers in comma separated format in the box. However, with this method, you will be able to check the status of 25 consignments only.

If you try to check immediately after booking the package, then you will get an error message that no tracking information found. It will take 24 hours for the status to be updated. Please make sure that you check the status after 24 hours. Even then you are getting an error message, then contact the blue dart customer care (18602331234).

Blue Dart Courier

Blue dart is one of the biggest premium courier services in India. There are many other courier companies like DTDC, Professional which are competing with the blue dart. However, bluedart is superior to all of these and delivers the package with high security. It assures that the packages have not tampered at all. It actually acquired by the DHL group and is now operating as an autonomous business.

Millions of parcels are delivered every year across India. If offers many different business solutions and services. The domestic priority service which assures the delivery of the consignment by the next business day. Customers who live in the major cities can benefit from this by sending the packages quickly. It also serves the top most eCommerce businesses by delivering their products to the customers where the eCommerce can’t reach. With the integration of bluedart API, customers can check the status of their purchases on the eCommerce portals itself.